Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Work Attire

This summer I started working as a secretary at a business called Flex Administrators. However, when I first got the job, I realized that I really didn't have very many clothes that were appropriate for the office. So what did I do? That's right. I went to the thrift store. You wouldn't believe what people get rid of! I have found so many different pieces of professional clothing that are in great shape. Let me show you.

Top (Worthington) - $1 at New2You
Skirt (Charlotte Russe) - $5 at New2You
Shoes (Madden Girl) - Gift

I actually just wore this outfit to the office today. One of my coworkers made a comment that she thought I looked very cute and professional. Little did she know my outfit cost me less that $10. 

Jacket (Worthington) - $3 at New2You
Shirt (Elle) - $1 at New2You
Skirt (Express) - $1 at New2You
Shoes (Madden Girl) - Gift

This out fit I wore two days ago. It was kind of chilly in the morning, so I decided to to throw on this jacket. It worked well because it was short-sleeved, but added an extra layer. 

Shirt (Worthington) - $5 at Goodwill
Pants - $2 at New2You
Shoes (Faded Glory) - $6 at Goodwill
Belt - Hand-me-down

This is another great outfit for a chilly day. The top is long-sleeved, but it is also a sheer top, so you won't get too hot either. I have also paired this top with my navy skirt (which I got for $6 at Plato's Closet) and my white pants (which I got for $4 at New2You). 

The belt in this outfit has a bit of an interesting story. This was actually handed down to me from my grandma! Little did you know your grandma's clothes can be stylish. I guess what they say about fashion really is true; it comes back.

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