Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let's Compare

You may be wondering how my thrifty clothes hold up when compared to clothes you may be pinning on pinterest. How could they possibly compare? So with that question in mind I decided to take a look at my own pins from my "Fashion" board on pinterest. Here is what I found:

Left side: Original Photo (see here) vs. Right Side: My recreation

Polka dot shirt (Old Navy) - $1.50 at New2You
Maroon pants (Life in Progress) - $3.29 at Goodwill

Yes I know polka dots aren't quite little hearts, but I think it's pretty close. It's great to look other places for inspiration when it comes to fashion. More often that not, I already have similar pieces in my closet; I just haven't thought to put them together. This is so true with the above picture. This also inspired me to put together another similar outfit.

Shirt (Mossimo)- $3 at Goodwill
Tank top (Mossimo)- $0.25 at a garage sale
Pants (Life in progress) - $3.29 at Goodwill
Sandals (Faded Glory)- $6 at Goodwill

Colored denim has great versatility. These maroon pants were definitely a great find. I also have yellow pants (seen in my first post) as well as olive and purple, all of which I bought at thrift stores. Next I have one more comparison for today. (Original photo see here)

Plaid top (Mossimo) - $1.50 at New2You
Pants (Mossimo) - $2 at New2You
Purse - $3 at New2You

Once again, not an exact match, but close. I think this top is fun because it is red, white, and blue, so I can use it for patriotic events. To spice things up, I could also pair this shirt with my maroon pants from above, or my white pants (which I also purchased at a thrift store). 

So what do you think? Do my recreations hold up? Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you think. Hopefully I can do some more comparisons in the future, but that's it for this post.

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