Monday, September 30, 2013

College Clothes

Well let me say my first month at college has been crazy. It's been crazy busy, but crazy good. I have been able to go thrifting twice in my short time here. First, there is a goodwill in Marian, which is about a 20 minute drive from Upland. In gas city, which is much closer, there is a antique flea marker next door to a thrift store called rescued treasures. The best thing about rescued treasures is that on Saturdays, they give college students a 50% discount! I can foresee many of my future Saturdays being spent thrifting there...

Anyways, in my time here at Taylor, I have also managed to put a few cute outfits together with my thrifted clothes. With so many things going on, it was hard to remember to take pictures. But here's a little glimpse of what I've been wearing around campus.

Red shirt (Express) - $1 at New2You
Black shorts (New York & Company) - $3 at New2You
White belt - Hand me down
Shoes (xhiliration) - $4 at New2You
White cardigan - $3 at New2You

This was a great outfit for a warm day. The shirt is very breathable, and I could put the cardigan on when inside (and the air conditioning is freezing). I felt so confident in this outfit. Knowing that I looked cute made my day ten times better.

Floral top (Forever 21) - $1 at a garage sale
Vest (eyelash couture) - $1 at New2You
Shorts (Aeroposale) - $3 at Goodwill
Belt - $1 at New2You
Shoes (Keds) - $2 at a garage sale

Today started off chilly, but when it started warming up, I decided to put this outfit on. After all, this is probably one of my last chances to wear shorts before winter.

Well that's all folks. I should probably be doing homework right now anyways...

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