Monday, July 29, 2013

Introduction: Senior Pictures

What first comes to your mind when you hear "thrift store." Dirty? Second-hand? Cheap? To me, when I hear "thrift store" I think "GOLD MINE!!"

I first started thrift store shopping when I was in middle school. I volunteered at my school's thrift store and started to find a lot of cute things coming in. Since then, thrift store shopping has become second nature to me. I don't see the sense in paying full price for something at a regular department store when you can get something just as cute for waaaay cheaper.

Now I know what your thinking. This chick probably has no sense of fashion and doesn't know what's cute at all. Well...I'll have you know that people will often ask me "Where did you get that?" and 9 times out of 10, I will answer with "good will" or some other thrift store. Don't believe me? Well I guess you'll just have to wait and see. Through this blog I hope to prove that you CAN be stylish without completely blowing your budget.

The idea for this blog was born shortly after I got my senior pictures taken. It was then I realized that almost every piece of clothing I wore in my senior pictures was bought at a thrift store. I couldn't believe it. My cutest outfits that I chose to wear were made up of pieces that I got for less than $10 each! Pretty hard to believe. Well check it out. Here are a few of my senior pictures. Below each picture I have included where each item is originally from and how much I purchased them for.

Shirt (Originally from Old Navy) - $2 at New2You
Pants (Forever 21) - $1 at Spree
Shoes (Not in photo) - $9 at Target

Yes I know. Target is not a thrift store. But part of being a good thrifter is being able to spot a good deal in regular stores too. Trust me. The clearance rack is your best friend.

Blouse (Worthington) - $3 at New2You
Skirt (Old Navy) - FREE! (Hand-me-down)
Shoes - $30 at Kicks

Once again, I know I kind of cheated on the shoes. These were dance shoes that I had to buy for a play I was in. Otherwise, I would usually NEVER pay that much money for a pair of shoes.

Shirt (Arizona) - FREE (Hand-me-down)
Cardigan (American Eagle) - $3 at New2You
Jeggings (BDG) - $1 at Spree
Boots - $8 at Goodwill
Scarf - $3 at Charlotte Russe

This is a great example of why it pays off to keep an eye out for good deals at "regular" stores. I found this scarf on clearance at Charlotte Russe for only $3.

Well that's about it for my first blog post. Stay tuned for some of my thrift store shopping tricks and tips.

Photo Credit: Charissa Townsend - CST Photography

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  1. Love it Ruth! I would have never known... your outfits are so hip & stylish!